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Altinel is a world leader in the superyacht industry. Specialising in the sale, charter management and new construction of the large yachts. The company has an unrivalled reputation when it comes to performing for its clients at the very highest level.

With a global network of offices in key locations, Altinel has an international presence that combines with the local knowledge necessary to service the needs of its clients worldwide.

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Altinel is part of the superyacht history. Along with names in marine field Altinel has helped shape the modern superyacht we see today.

Legendary yachts including 65 m Nourah of Riyad have been connected to the Altinel name over the years.

Our client list is even more spectacular, though somewhat less visible.

Altinel, is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost experts on yacht design and build, particularly that of classics.

Among the Altinel ranks you will find former captains, engineers, crewman and managers, delivering a complete picture of yacht ownership and enjoyment.

In an industry where it is sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction, at Altinel we empower our clients with accurate market analysis and insight from our brokers around the world.

While yachting is about pleasure, we recognize that the business element – the buying, managing, chartering and selling – is a key component. 

It is this fundamental “Business of Yachting” that, when handled correctly, delivers all of the enjoyment, escape and unique life experience that only a yacht can.

Altinel has long been seen as an innovator of the yachting world, and a brand that is completely focused on delivering for its clients. 

We know that being informed is a pre-requisite of success in any business and our world-class team of brokers are on hand to ensure that our clients are the best informed in the yachting world and that their on-water experience will be as successful and enjoyable as possible.

Altinel has some of the most experienced brokers and managers in yachting. We believe they are the best informed and most well-travelled team in charter, brokerage and new construction.

Speaking 5 languages, supported by 4 offices Altinel works proactively across every aspect of yachting.

Visiting shipyards, working closely with the designers, hearing about under the radar sales opportunities, knowing how to close the deal – the Altinel advantage is about bringing value to everything we do. 

From the largest deals to the smallest details, nothing happens by chance. Our task is to find the key factors that make the difference in every opportunity.

From deal makers to dream makers – this year our charter brokers will spend thousands of hours and travel a nearly a quarter of a million miles in pursuit of the best yachts and most brilliant locations.

Information fused with inspiration puts Altinel clients in the most competitive position. It is an advantage that has clear, tangible benefits.

Altinel is one of the most recognized brand in yachting. 

With a global reach that covers Europe, the USA, Mexico, and Asia, as well as the more intimate yachting corners of the world, the Altinel brand gives clients powerful and comprehensive sales and marketing support.

Our advertising, brochures, website and yacht shows cover every aspect of buying, selling, chartering and the construction of a new yacht.

The Altinel identity;

Our brand is about far more than just identity, though. The gathering of hard information, the perceptive search for intelligence and the communication of insight, are fundamental to the way we work. Altinel is highly competitive and determined to succeed for our clients. It is a matter of principle.