Baglietto | La Spezia, Italy

The Baglietto Yachts shipyard is based in La Spezia, building yachts from aluminium and steel up to 60m in length, each one a custom project.

Baglietto Yachts was founded in 1854 by Pietro Baglietto and originated from a village near the Port of Genova called Varazze. Later in the 19th Century, Baglietto began to build cargo boats, ferry boats and fishing boats, and was instrumental in the introduction of the internal-combustion engine.During the early 19th Century Baglietto began constructing racing and pleasure boats, through which they won world speed records for many years, promoting the Baglietto name. The two World Wars created much demand for military boats to be constructed and this allowed Baglietto to become a specialist in this field. Nowadays Baglietto Yachts manufacture luxury sailing boats and motor yachts.

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