The Pacific and Oceania offer some of the world’s most stunning cruising areas and varied scenery.  From Australia’s cosmopolitan cities and Great Barrier Reef, to New Zealand’s mountains and vineyards, Oceania, also encompassing Micronesia and Polynesia, abounds in antipodean adventures.

With more than 130 islands scattered over five archipelagos, reefs that protect crystalline lagoons and deserted white sand beaches, deep valleys of green tropical rainforests, and flat coastal fields of taro and flowers, the sirens of the South Pacific offer the perfect blend of ocean and lagoon sailing.

Standing at the bow of your charter yacht on a cloudless night gazing up at the stars is an incredible feeling. It is easy to capture the sense of voyage and adventure that must have driven men like Captain Cook to first brave these waters.

With uncrowded ports, excellent and abundant anchorages and a superb tropical climate for most of the year, guests will enjoy all the indefinite splendours the South Pacific has to offer.