Donald Starkey


Donald Starkey Designs, founded in Dubai, in 1989, has become one of the leading designers in the superyacht industry. Donald Starkey, who first started his career as an architect, specialises in planning and designing the interiors and exterior styling of superyachts. Continually winning design awards, with 26 already under his belt, Donald Starkey and his team are definitely considered leaders in yacht design.

Great care is taken in the planning and designing of Donald Starkey yachts, with all yachts being built with fine, strong materials in order to ensure supreme sophistication and class. The interior designs are mainly influenced by many leading figures such as Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Rohe and Coco Chanel and his exterior designs are characterised by luxury and timelessness. Donald Starkey has worked on several notable yachts, working with both shipyards and individual clients. An example of Donald Starkey’s work is the elegant superyacht LAUREL, of the Fraser charter fleet.

Adam Lay Studio has over twenty years of experience in the design of superyacht interiors. Having created the interior concepts for several notable yachts, both sailing yachts and luxury motor yachts, the studio has a wealth of experience and an impressive portfolio of past projects. The key focus for all projects, as identified by the studio, are safety, seaworthiness, longevity and timelessness and the studio draws on invaluable experience, technical and artistic expertise in order to ensure these characteristics stay at the forefront in all projects.
One example of the studio’s work is in the luxury sailing yacht INUKSHUK, the interior of which has clear North American influence thanks to the use of natural finishes and special pieces.