Feadship | Haarlem, Netherlands

There is much we cannot and will not do. But honesty is not a weakness, it’s a strength. We define ourselves as much by what we don’t do, as what we do. We don’t build yachts quickly; we build them perfectly. We don’t build yachts to meet a budget, we build them to meet a desire. We don’t make promises, we make Feadships. The very best super yachts in the world. And to achieve this we must be uncompromising in attitude and action.

Feadship Group is now recognised for its new ideas and innovations in the motor yacht industry with unique yachts for sale.
With over 450 Feadship luxury yachts in navigation today, the Feadship Group is able to provide a wealth of experience and yacht reliability. Launching five large luxury yachts each year, Feadship Yachts is acknowledged as a global leader in the construction of premium displacement yachts.

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