Feadship | Aalsmeer, Makkum, Kaag, Amsterdam, Netherlands


The story of Feadship begins generations ago, long before the company’s name first appeared on the horizon of the yachting industry. Feadship is a joint venture between the three leading names in Dutch shipbuilding: De Vries, Van Lent and De Voogt. Today Feadship is recognized as the world leader in the field of custom-built motor yachts. and has continuously been at the forefront of innovations in both technology and design.

Feadship formed as a group in 1949, Feadship is probably the most famous name among the Dutch builders. Feadship is comprised of the De Vries and Van Lent family yards, with locations in Aalsmeer, Makkum, Kaag, and Amsterdam. The group also includes De Voogt Naval Architects.

Feadship Yachts, the Dutch yacht building company, prides itself on its high-quality yacht construction techniques and design standards. Having produced many luxury yachts for sale over the years, Feadship boats are renowned for their class and superiority. Founded in 1949, the two Dutch De Vries and Royal Van Lent families merged together to form the Feadship Group, with the name standing for First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders. Since the merger, a number of advances in yachting technology have arisen with Feadship superyachts leading the way in welcoming these improvements. The Feadship Group is now recognised for its new ideas and innovations in the motor yacht industry with unique yachts for sale.

With over 450 Feadship luxury yachts in navigation today, the Feadship Group is able to provide a wealth of experience and yacht reliability. Launching five large luxury yachts each year, Feadship Yachts is acknowledged as a global leader in the construction of premium displacement yachts. Feadship produces bespoke motor yachts and, since the emphasis is placed on custom as opposed to customised, no two projects are the same. Feadship shipyard prides itself in its ‘pursuit of perfection’ approach and always strives to create the ultimate in superyachts. Craftmanship and innovation underpin every project the shipyard undertakes and it is a widely renowned name of the yachting industry.