CMN Yachts | Cherbourg Cedex, France


CMN Yachts (short for Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie) is a luxury yacht manufacturing company with a forward-thinking strategy in the market. Continually advancing in its technological methods and building materials, CMN specialises in sophisticated composite construction. CMN is also able to combine steel and aluminium construction, as well as mechanical engineering including sophisticated engine room systems through state-of-the-art electrical installations. With the luxury yacht market extending into larger and larger yachts, CMN Yachts has kept up with the trend and undertook projects of over 140 ft.

CMN uses highly sophisticated computer assisted CATIA for its modern design and shipbuilding methods. The construction of all CMN yachts is completed under their sheltered halls with a total surface of 110.000 sq. m CMN yachts for sale are marketed as not just a yacht, but as a piece of art.

CMN. The yard’s most recent launches were in 2009, when they launched both 60 m Slipstream (Hull 801) and 60 m Cloud 9 (Hull 802).