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Bilgin Yachts | Istanbul, Turkey

Bilgin Yachts has a well recognized experience in the superyacht sector. As a sucessfully growing family business, Bilgin Yachts operates four shipyards covering 59,500sqm in different sections of Istanbul. Located in Kucukcekmece, the facility has a 7,000 sqm production area with a capacity to build four yachts simultaneously. There is a hangar with a capacity to build 35-40 meter vessels, while the shipyard can manufacture two additional yachts up to 50 meters in the other one. The shipyard’s manufacturing areas have been separated in two: one in Yalova where the hull manufacture, the superstructure building as well as major plumbing and infrastructure works are being held; and lately the shipyard acquired an additional 10,000 sqm area with a contract made with the West Istanbul Marina. Today, being eco-friendly is more important than ever. As a shipyard, we always support green factors during the production stage and later on. It is our common belief that, as a shipyard we should always be there for the yacht owners while they are cruising in comfort and safety to their dream places. In 2016, Bilgin Yachts started to work in an additional production facility in the West Istanbul Marina. The shipyard’s target has always been to produce fully customized yachts for their dedicated owners. The shipyard’s goal is to be one of the prominent brands in the world while always being supportive towards the customers with a range of time-sensitive multitasking services. Bilgin Yachts is able to keep the standards and the value thanks to its young yet very well organized team, large facilities and trust in the quality. Bilgin Yachts offer their yacht owners the after-sales, yacht winterisation and maintenance services, while applying the Bilgin’s spirit to older yachts through refit processes.