Fulvio De Simoni


Fulvio De Simoni began his career as a naval design architect in Milan in the early 70′s.

In 1983 he estabilished Italprojects, a company specialised in the development of high technology projects in the naval sector.

During his flourishing career, he designed boats for the most important Italian and global shipyards and set up collaboration with brands like Pershing, Antago, Mochi Craft, Ilver, Gianetti, Raffaelli.

He is now the best known pleasure craft designer working today. Fulvio De Simoni is an enthusiastic nautical lover who has always fought sameness and totally revolutionised the easthetic precepts and the yachting panorama. His nonconformist attitude vividly reflects in his designs. The initial intuition and creative sparkle are followed by a long and demanding phase of refining and optimising efforts.

That’s how a draft evolves into a complete project.