Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design


Based in the Netherlands, Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design is recognisable by its singularity and impressive attention to detail. With each new project ranging from 45m to 160m+ superyachts, every design is a fresh new challenge. In addition, a team of designers, stylists and visualization artists work on individual projects . Their main goal is to focus on creating a luxury experience for their highly exclusive client base. Moreover, Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design work closely with leading shipyards, suppliers, craftsmen and artisans. With vast knowledge and experience, the studio effortlessly decodes the client’s every wish into an exclusive design. Furthermore, the team combines sophisticated engineering, state-of-the-art technology, and more importantly, a refined style. Evidently, each project reflects the client’s individual taste and lifestyle.

The founder, Sander J. Sinot, quotes “every project is the result of this ongoing dialogue with the parties involved. It goes from our client to close cooperation with major shipyards, yacht captains, naval architects, suppliers, furniture makers, craftsmen and artisans. The design process consists of a series of decisions.”.

In close partnership with Imperial, Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design is involved in the new 77m superyacht Project BLACK SHARK. With a scheduled delivery in 2021, the inspiration of this exciting project comes from the majestic beauty of a shark. Undoubtedly, this has pushed the studio’s boundaries to create something breath-taking.