Studio Vafiadis


Giorgio Vafiadis started his career in yacht design 35 years ago. In 1980 he found STUDIOVAFIADIS. His first superyacht, the 46-meter, GRAN MUDDER, was delivered 3 years later in 1983, a huge vessel for that time and a great success for the newborn studio. Since then STUDIOVAFIADIS has created some incredibly exciting yachts. In 2013, his son Stefano joined his practice, awarder as the Young designer of the year in 2013.

STUDIOVAFIADIS objectives are clear. The designer does not only assist and support their clients through innovative, comprehensive and efficient design. The studio maximizes the performance of services through understanding the culture of the client, his lifestyle and aesthetics critical issues. Yachts are complex entities which require an optimization and appropriate use of space. Pleasing the Owner and guests is a requirement. For this reason, the crew must be able to provide the service and properly maintain the vessel and its systems. For STUDIOVAFIADIS: “Besides a suitable Owner & Guest Accommodation, a carefully planned crew accommodation should fulfill the crew personal and service needs; it should induce to an improvement of the crew morale and should develop an attitude to good and efficient service.”